Accident Towing Service for Damaged Vehicles in Lakeland Hills


Despite your best efforts, accidents do happen. An important consideration at the time of an accident is the removal of people and damaged vehicles from the site to avoid further problems.

1 Stop Services Towing & Removing offers high quality auto towing service in Lakeland Hills, WA. As a reliable and efficient towing service company, we are liked for our:

  • Honesty
  • Affordable tow truck service cost
  • Efficiently-managed car accident towing service

With us as their chosen towing service company, Lakeland Hills residents can receive hassle-free tow truck service, and we will transport their damaged vehicles to the destination of their choosing. Our tow service is managed by experienced and efficient operators.

Tow Truck Service for Lakeland Hills Vehicle Recovery * Available 24/7


There is no set time when an accident might happen, and accidents don’t always happen between two vehicles. You may even find yourself stranded thanks to mechanical issues! This is why we are always ready with our tow truck service in Lakeland Hills to immediately reach an accident site.

We also provide our tow truck service for vehicles that have developed problems like:

  • A flat tire
  • Running out of gas
  • A mechanical breakdown

With our affordable tow truck service, you don’t have to be stranded! You can immediately call us and get assistance. Upon receiving your call, we will immediately dispatch our tow trucks and technicians.

Why Should Lakeland Hills Residents Choose Our Tow Service?


When it is about the safe and smooth transportation of your vehicle from the accident site to a designated location, you cannot trust just any tow service.

To find the best tow service company in Lakeland Hills, you should consider each company’s:

  • Years of experience
  • Fleet of tow trucks
  • Experienced operators
  • Pricing

You can choose our tow service, as we qualify on these points and many more. We have been offering our tow services for many years and have the required equipment, trucks, and operators to provide excellent service. You can rely on our expert tow truck operators for the smooth transport of your vehicles from the accident site.

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient towing service that you can call in an emergency in Lakeland Hills, choose 1 Stop Services Towing & Recovery. You can contact us at 253-852-6000.