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It is 1 Stop Services Towing & Recovery policy not to charge credit cards over the phone to pay for a private impound and or a towing bill, due to possible theft/fraudulent charges of credit cards.

1 Stop Services Towing & Recovery will accept PayPal (an outside 3rd party credit card processing service) as a form of payment to conveniently pay for a friend or love ones tow or impound bill. Under RCW 46.55.120(1)(e) we are not required to accept any outside 3rd party payment, as a convenience to our customers we will accept this form of payment.

PayPal is considered to be a 3rd party credit card processing service. PayPal may add additional fee to the total tow/impound bill. These fees added are to be considered a convenience fee and will not be deducted from the original tow/impound bill.

1 Stop Services Towing & Recovery may reserve the right to deny a PayPal payment for any reason at anytime. All funds paid with PayPal will be processed and ready for reimbursement within 5 business days. 1 Stop Services Towing & Recovery will either credit back the invoice amount and or have the reimbursement check printed within 5 business days and will be ready for pickup or can be mailed to the address given to PayPal. Any convenience fees will NOT be refunded for any reason.

All Sales and fees are final, absolutely no refunds for any reason.

By clicking on Pay Now button, I agree to the terms and conditions and agree to pay all convenience fees and the amount of the total bill due in full.

Terms & Conditions Revised
August 21st 2015