Redeeming my vehicle


1 Stop Services Towing & Recovery follows all redemption procedures under Washington State Law (RCW 46.55.130)


Persons redeeming a vehicle MUST be the legal and or registered ownerand or have a current insurance cardwith the persons name attempting to redeem the vehicle. The insurance card must have the vehicles information listed along with theVIN number of the vehicles.

The person redeeming the impounded vehicle must have a form of government ID i.e. Drivers License, State Identification card or Military identification.

If you do not have a drivers license or a suspended license you must bring a license driver with you to drive the vehicle out of our impound yard.


Redeeming a vehicle not registered to you


If you are not the registered and or legal owner of the vehicle you must either bring the original signed title from the persons you purchased the vehicle from and or be the listed buyer on the seller report from the Department Of Motor Vehicles at the time of impound. We CANNOT accept a bill of sale!

Redeeming a friend or family member’s vehicle?

If you are attempting to redeem a vehicle that is a family members vehicle you must have the same last name as the legal or registered owners name and must have the same address on your driver’s license or state identification card that matches department of motor vehicles.  (This procedure would also include retrieving personal property from the vehicle)

If you are a friend or a family member that does not have the same last name as the registered owner you must download the 3rd party release form and follow the guidelines listed on that form.

Removing my personal property from the vehicle


The Legal and or Registered owner of the vehicle must provide government identification when retrieving personals items from the vehicle.  You can only remove loose items like paper work, clothing, baby seats, tools ECT.You CANNOT remove anything that is bolted, screwed and or wired into the vehicle. This includes the radio, speakers, sub woofers and amplifiers.

How do I redeem my vehicle with a court or a police hold!

If the police impounded your vehicle and they placed a hold on your vehicle, you will need to get a separate release hold from the court or police agency that has placed the hold on the vehicle.