Impound Towing Services in Covington for Parking Lot Enforcement

impound-covington-waIs the entry into your home or business place being hindered due to an illegally parked vehicle? Have vehicles of non-customers taken up precious space in your parking lot that is meant for the convenience of your customers? Wondering what to do with a vehicle that seems to have been dumped in your parking lot?

The ideal solution to these issues is calling 1 Stop Services Towing & Recovery for private property towing and impound services in Covington, WA. Since 2011, our company has been carrying out private property impounds in this area to help the residents here ensure better parking lot enforcement on their properties.

We respond promptly to your call for impound services in Covington and make sure that the vehicle impoundment from your parking lot is done:

  • Quickly
  • Smoothly
  • As per code
  • With minimal noise

We have the capabilities to impound all types of vehicles, including motorcycles, cars, SUVs and trucks.

Private Property Impounds - Illegally Parked, Abandoned or Junk Vehicles

private-property-impounds-covington-waOur company can be hired to provide private property impounds in the Covington area for removing:

  • Vehicles parked in violation of parking regulations
  • Broken down cars left unattended for a long time
  • Junk vehicles abandoned by the owners
  • Vehicles parked well beyond the allowed time limit

We can also be called to impound parked vehicles that are blocking streets or other public spaces. Before starting out with private property impounds, we check for proper parking signage in the area.

We impound the vehicle very carefully, taking care that is not damaged in the process.

Our services for private property impounds in Covington also include leaving a sticker informing where the impounded vehicle has been taken.

Private Property Impound Services for Covington Residents

impound-services-covington-waWe offer 24/7 services and can come to impound vehicles from your property at any time that you find convenient. Our impound services are second to none and we are your best option to deal with unauthorized parking problems.

Make us your first call for impound services in Covington. Calling us for private property impounds means getting services marked by:

  • Services offered by a family owned and operated business
  • Protection offered by a licensed, bonded and insured company
  • Quality to be expected from qualified and experienced technicians

Moreover, we charge the most competitive prices for private property impound services.

To schedule private property impound services in Covington, call 1 Stop Services Towing & Recovery at 253-852-6000.