Private Property Towing for Parking Lots in Renton

private-property-towing-renton-waHaving any vehicle parked illegally on your private property is annoying. You not only lose out on valuable parking lot space and possible income, but cause your customers or clients a lot of inconvenience.

The good news is that 1 Stop Services Towing & Recovery is here to remove that annoyance and stop the unauthorized use of your parking lot with its private property towing services in Renton, WA. You can call us to tow away any vehicle that is parked illegally on your private property.

We have been providing impound towing service in the area since 2011 and are recognized as the private property towing experts. When you ask us to tow away a vehicle that is creating a parking lot violation, expect the private property towing service to be:

  • Fast
  • Efficient, safe and hassle-free
  • Code-compliant

Call us today to discuss your private property towing needs in Renton.

Tow Away Services for Abandoned Vehicles in Renton

tow-away-renton-waWe can also tow away abandoned vehicles from your residential or commercial property. Do not worry if you find a vehicle that been abandoned for a few days or weeks in your parking lot. We are here to help!

Clean up your parking lot with our tow away services.  Our impound tow service is available 24/7 to handle your private property towing needs.  We will respond quickly and tow away abandoned vehicle from your Renton parking lot any time of day or night.

Our towing company is equipped to impound and tow away many different types of vehicles, including:

  • Motorcycles
  • Cars and trucks
  • SUVs
  • AWD vehicles

Why Choose Us for Car Impound Tow Service in Renton?

tow-service-renton-waNot calling the right tow truck company to handle your car impound towing needs can cause you increased problems instead of solving one.

You have to be sure that the professionals you call for car impound tow service in Renton are well-versed with the local codes and regulations. Choosing us for impound tow service assures you the impound tow service will be conducted meeting all local laws and regulations.

We are the right choice for impound tow service in this community because our technicians:

  • Respect your time and work quickly
  • Perform vehicle impoundment with the legally correct process
  • Protect the impounded vehicle from damage during transit

1 Stop Services Towing & Recovery is the expert to call for impound tow service in the Renton area. Call (253) 852-6000 to schedule a private property towing job.