Private Property Towing for Parking Lots in Fife


Do you need to have an improperly or unlawfully parked vehicle removed from your premises? Are you looking for the right tow service provider in the Fife, WA area to hire for the job? 1 Stop Services Towing & Recovery can help.

A full-service tow company, we specialize in private property towing for parking lot enforcement. We have been offering our tow service for vehicle impoundment since 2011 and are committed to ensuring that any private property towing is done legally.

We offer private property towing services in Fife to help all homeowners, businesses and housing associations facing noncompliant use of their parking lots. They should call us to tow away vehicles parked on their property:

  • By people not authorized to use the space
  • In employee area or other permitted parking spots
  • Beyond the allowed time limit
  • Wrongly in the handicap or fire lanes
  • Obstructing entries, exits, loading dock, dumpsters, etc.

Tow Away Services for Abandoned Vehicles in Fife


It can be frustrating to have vehicles lying unclaimed for days on your property. The abandoned vehicles can:

  • Hamper the accessibility of your home or business
  • Spoil the curb appeal of your property
  • Take up valuable parking space

You do not have put up with such problems. We are here to tow away the deserted vehicles from your residential or commercial parking lot quickly. We provide 24/7 tow away services for Fife residents. No matter what time you call us, we dispatch our impound tow service crew immediately to haul off the vehicles.

Why Choose Us for Car Impound Tow Service in Fife?


It is always advisable to call in seasoned professionals to tow away vehicles from your property to impound lots. You need to know if you are legally entitled to have the vehicle impounded and this is something your car impound tow service provider should help you determine.

Our licensed, bonded and insured private property towing company is up-to-date on the laws and regulations concerning vehicle impoundment. Upon calling us for car impound tow service in Fife; you can relax knowing any vehicle towing needs will be met in a right, code-compliant, professional, smooth, quick and stress-free manner.


  • Send well trained, licensed drivers to tow away vehicles
  • Provide the impound tow service only after verifying its validity
  • Move vehicles to impound lots without damage

Call (253) 852-6000 to learn more about the services offered by 1 Stop Services Towing & Recovery for private property towing and impounds in Fife.