Private Property Towing for Parking Lots in Burien


Get in touch with 1 Stop Services Towing & Recovery if you are looking for expert tow away service in the Burien, WA area to help achieve parking compliance on your private property. As a business owner, homeowner, or HOA executive, having unwanted vehicles in your parking lot can be quite frustrating.

Our private property towing services for vehicle impoundment offer you the best solution to this headache. Do not hesitate to call us for tow service if you find that your parking lot has insufficient space for its authorized users because it is taken up by vehicles that are:

  • Parked without permit
  • Dumped and unclaimed for a long time
  • Left standing even after valid parking time is over
  • Wrongly parked in the handicap lane

We provide private property towing in Burien also to impound and tow away vehicles that are double parked or in the fire zone.

Tow Away Services for Abandoned Vehicles in Burien


Anxious about abandoned vehicles standing in your private parking lot? Let us help. Besides hauling off vehicles for parking violations, we offer tow away services in Burien for impounding vehicles lying deserted on any private residential or commercial property.

Sometimes vehicles get stolen, stripped and left in the lot of an unsuspecting property owner. Or junk vehicles are discarded there. Our tow service crew comes in and removes such automobiles:

  • Quickly
  • For improving curb appeal and usability of the property
  • To restore the property owner’s peace of mind

Why Choose Us for Car Impound Tow Service in Burien?


Hiring private property towing services for vehicle impoundment can bring you more trouble than relief if you do not call in the right people to tow way the wrongfully parked vehicle.

Your purpose for contacting a car impound tow service would be to have your illegally-occupied parking area freed up. However, improper handling of the job by someone inexperienced in private property towing may instead leave you facing legal action by the owner of the impounded vehicle.

Stay safe with our risk-free impound tow service in Burien. Our company has been providing private property towing and impounding vehicles since 2011. We:

  • Send certified, seasoned technicians to tow away vehicles
  • Ensure that vehicle impoundment is done within the law
  • Protect vehicles from damage while moving it to impound lots

For your protection, we are a licensed, bonded and insured tow service provider.

Need impound tow away services in Burien? Call 1 Stop Services Towing & Recovery at (253) 852-6000.