Commercial Impound Services Southcenter


It is extremely irritating to find the parking lot of your facility cluttered and made unsafe by vehicle owners/drivers who do not care about the parking regulations. 1 Stop Services Towing & Recovery offers commercial impound services to resolve the problems being faced by property owners in such a situation.

Give us a call for tow away service in the Southcenter, WA area if you want to get rid of a vehicle that has wrongfully occupied a parking space on your commercial property. We have our towing crew available to impound vehicles from all types of properties.

Our commercial impound services can be sought for:

  • HOAs and multi-family apartment buildings
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Retail facilities
  • Office complexes

We understand that often it is not possible to wait a long time for vehicle impoundment. Therefore, we offer 24/7 tow away service to deal with emergencies. Feel free to call us for commercial impound services in the Southcenter area anytime the need arises.

Impound Vehicles Southcenter


We can be asked to impound vehicles not only when they are illegally parked. Our team can come for commercial property towing and impoundment even for junked clunkers or otherwise abandoned vehicles.

No matter what reason obliges you to request commercial impound services, turn to our towing company. We have extensive experience in providing impound tow away service. Our technicians can be relied upon to impound vehicles from Southcenter properties:

  • Quickly; without confusion or delays
  • Following a systematic process
  • Without any incident
  • In a legally compliant manner

Those who call to impound vehicles from their commercial property can rest assured about not encountering any legal complications later on.

Tow Away Service Southcenter


Our company appreciates its responsibility towards taking care to protect the impounded vehicle from damage during its transportation to the impound lot. We deliver extremely diligent tow away service in Southcenter to impound vehicles from commercial properties.

We see to it that the rightful owners who come later to redeem their vehicle owners from the impound lots find no reason to complain. To make sure of delivering seamless impound tow away service, we have the jobs done:

  • By licensed and bonded drivers
  • Using over-insured tow trucks
  • With diligence
  • Without undue haste

To learn more about commercial impound services, call us.

Make 1 Stop Services Towing & Recovery your first call for commercial impound services in Southcenter and its nearby area. We can be contacted at (253) 852-6000.