Commercial Impound Services SeaTac


Are your clients or customers turning away because of a parking space crunch? Is the parking lot invaded by illegally parked or abandoned vehicles? If your answer is in the affirmative, you must immediately call for a commercial tow away service to impound vehicles that are taking the important parking spaces.

Give a call to 1 Stop Services Towing & Recovery for efficient commercial impound services in SeaTac, WA. Serving as an established company dealing with commercial property towing and vehicle impoundment, we have seen that commercial property owners need commercial impound services to get rid of the following types of vehicles:

  • Abandoned
  • Illegally parked
  • Junk vehicles

After we impound vehicles, we take them to our impound lots from where getting them removed is the responsibility of the vehicle owner. Trust us for offering commercial impound services in SeaTac as we are licensed and certified to carry out these services.

Impound Vehicles SeaTac


The best way to deal with abandoned or junk vehicles parked in your parking lot is by calling for a tow away service. Such services impound vehicles in the most efficient and legal manner. Moreover, you are not held responsible for such impounds.

Rely on us to impound vehicles in SeaTac as we have been offering services in this capacity since 2011. You can call us to impound vehicles from the following places:

  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Commercial properties
  • Shopping malls
  • Housing complexes and buildings

We have the required equipment, trucks, and crew to impound vehicles. Our team would reach the designated spot, carry out the required legalities, and tow away the impounded vehicle. Consider the fee spent on commercial impound services as an investment towards your business.

Tow Away Service SeaTac


Call a tow away service that has the license to carry out the required impounding and towing. Getting apartment towing or retail parking lot towing from unauthorized companies can land you in trouble.

Count on us when you require a tow away service in SeaTac. We are established and experienced vehicle impounders and have been in the business for many years. You can rely on our tow away service as we are:

  • Efficient and fast
  • Safe and reliable
  • Extremely professional

We ensure that we take the necessary precautions and obtain the permits that are required for commercial impound services. You can rely on us for completely hassle free services.

Call 1 Stop Services Towing & Recovery at (253) 852-6000 when you need a tow away service in SeaTac.