Commercial Impound Services Covington - Retail & Apartment Parking


Look no further than 1 Stop Services Towing & Recovery when you need commercial tow away service in Covington, WA to help with parking lot enforcement. Our towing company has been providing commercial impound services in this area since 2011 and can be trusted for thoroughly professional handling of any vehicle we impound.

We can handle vehicles wrongly parked in any commercial property or multi-family apartment building.

Businesses and residential complexes can call us for tow away service to impound:

  • Vehicles belonging to non-customers
  • Double parked vehicles
  • Vehicles blocking dumpsters or entry/exit space
  • Automobiles left in handicap, fire or other safety lanes
  • Vehicles left standing after permissible parking time is over

We have the knowledge, experience and capabilities to deliver professional commercial impound services to Covington residents. Our technicians work diligently to impound vehicles strictly per all the local laws and codes.

Impound Vehicles - Abandoned and Junk Vehicle Removal in Covington


Besides hauling away illegally parked vehicles to impound lots, we offer commercial impound services to remove junk vehicles as well as vehicles lying abandoned, unclaimed for quite some time in any private parking lot. Such vehicles are unwelcome in both business properties and apartment buildings as they:

  • Are an eyesore
  • Can cause injury to children and others passing by
  • Needlessly take up available parking space

Make your parking lot cleaner, safer and more spacious. Call us for tow away service to impound vehicles deserted on your Covington property. We dispatch competent technicians with well-equipped tow trucks without delay to impound vehicles that you want removed from your lot.

Why Choose Us for a Commercial Tow Away Service in Covington?


You cannot hire just any company providing commercial property towing in your area to impound vehicles from your lot. Vehicle impoundment is governed by specific rules. Getting commercial impound services from inexperienced people not up-to-date with these laws can cause you serious trouble.

Choose our company for commercial tow away service in Covington if you want to get rid of vehicles wrongfully parked on your multi-family or business property without any hassles. Some other reasons why you should choose us for commercial tow away service to impound vehicles include:

  • Quick response
  • Licensed, bonded and insured
  • Available 24/7

Let 1 Stop Services Towing & Recovery take care of all your needs for commercial impound services in Covington. Call (253) 852-6000 now!